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The Nissan 370Z Offers Classic Racing-Type Technology

Built for agile driving on the highway, the Nissan 370Z is advertised by Blue Ridge Nissan as a sporty coupe with a rich heritage. When driving this two-door model in Wytheville, VA, drivers will appreciate its racing-type design.

Standard in the 370Z Nismo model, the VQ V6 engine block delivers up to 350 hp and just above 275 lb-ft of torque. This 3.7 L powertrain comes with several signature technologies that improve efficiency, such as the CVTCS and VVEL. Both functions regulate the motion of the camshafts and valves in the valvetrain.

This premium Nissan coupe also has patented installations in the gearbox, such as the EXEDY clutch that controls manual changes in gear ratios. Having a carbon fiber composition, the driveshaft is lightweight and dynamic for smooth operations at fast speeds. Compatible with the auto transmission system, the paddle shifters are made of magnesium for the ultimate durability. Additionally, the Nismo model is equipped with 19-inch wheels that have a forged aluminum finish.


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