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The Nissan LEAF Offers a Variety of Power Options

For years, many drivers have been clamoring for car factories to produce vehicles that were both fuel-efficient and powerful. The good news is, the engineers at Nissan have answered this call with their presentation of the all-electric LEAF vehicle. The Nissan LEAF is an innovative and powerful electric vehicle that nevertheless offers drivers the kind of power that is more often associated with souped-up sports cars. This vehicle also offers drivers a number of battery pack options designed to fit their individual needs and lifestyles.

Individuals who enjoy the punchy power of sports cars will doubtless appreciate the sheer muscle that the Nissan LEAF PLUS brings to the table. This electric vehicle packs no less than 160 kW under the hood, and this allows it to produce an instant 214-hp.

For drivers who need less off the line power but still enjoy some pep under the hood the Nissan LEAF base model fits the bill. This electric vehicle offers a 110-kW motor that uses even less power than the larger model but nevertheless puts out a respectable 147-hp. Plus, unlike gas-powered vehicles that suffer lags between gas pedal engagements and movements, the Nissan LEAF provides 100% power that kicks in immediately.


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